As your Wellness Coach, I want to support you with a program that is right for you. Choose from self-guided training, or work with me one on one for personalized support and guidance.

T.R.E. Trauma/Tension Release Exercise

Experience profound healing and transformation with Tension Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) at Henlo Health and Wellness. Our specialized TRE services are designed to help you release deep-seated tension and trauma, restoring balance and well-being.

Nutrition Counseling

Our specialist can create customized wellness plans tailored to your unique health needs. These plans may include dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, and other holistic practices designed to support your body’s natural healing processes.

Iridology Services

At Henlo Health and Wellness, we are proud to offer Certified Iridology services as part of our comprehensive approach to holistic health. Iridology is the study of the iris, the colored part of the eye, to gain insights into a person’s systemic health.

Wellness 360™


Wellness 360 was developed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain with ease. It promotes a healthier lifestyle in each area of life- nutrition, exercise, daily habits, emotional health, mindset, relationships, careers, and more. Choose from self-guided training or work with me one on one for personalized support and guidance.

Taking care of yourself is self-less, not selfish.