T.R.E – Trauma/Tension Release Exercise

What is  T.R.E?

TRE® is a safe and effective stress release technique for most people. The TRE process should not be used as a substitute for trauma recovery procedures of a medical or psychological nature.

As a result, we can tend to keep the painful emotions and memories suppressed through a variety of distractions (which all take a lot of energy!).  In Dr. David Bercelli’s book, The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process, he says, “In our avoidance, denial, and fear, we push away the very experiences that seek to stimulate the evolution of our consciousness and we deny ourselves the opportunity to become the person we yearn to be and are ultimately destined to become.”

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You are pregnant or have had abdominal or back surgery within the past three months.
  • You do not have a space to safely perform the exercises and shaking.
  • You do not have access to a laptop/phone/camera where I can observe your full profile as you perform the exercises and shaking on the floor.

Individuals who have physical or psychological/psychiatric conditions that require strict regulation, individuals with fragile psychological defenses, a complex history of trauma or restricting physical or medical limitations should consult their medical practitioner or a Certified TRE Provider prior to performing these exercises.

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